Solar Heater / Furnace – Soda Cans? Passive?


Aluminum Soda / Pop Can Solar Heater / Furnace

Daniel Strohl got a whole bunch of people talking by posting details of his soda can garage heater:

He made a second version that’s apparently much more effective but didn’t post many of the details in his follow up article.
You’ll have to read the comments on his first post to see the evolution of the design thought process.

Jim Meaney, owner of Cansolair Inc., got scientific on the the soda can heater idea and went pro on it:

Video’s of Canned solar (nice overview)
Canned Solar Part 1
Canned Solar Part 2

Other Passive Solar Heater Designs:
If you’re looking for professional, effective and permanent passive solar heat for your structure, read up on what this guy’s done:

Thermosiphon or pump?
This is a good starting place to ponder this question:

Here’s the thermosiphon concept as a working example:
Endless hot water without electricity

This Page is a work in progress. Sort of a notepad for me to store interesting links and ideas on while I decide which design approach will work best for my garage/studio. Check back or subscribe to receive updates.

Thermal Storage Tank

Used for pre-heating the “cold” water entering the hot water heater – also used for underfloor pex heating:
Solar Storage by G. Scott Davis

Self-built storage tank can be lined with EDPN water liner. I’m thinking of using 275 gallon IBC tote for storage. Do I need to line it with anything. What temperatures can they handle?

Heat Exchanger:
bend copper tubing with no kinks

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