Troubleshooting Rocket Stove Issues – Smokeback

This is an excerpt for my own reference from a great post by Erica on Permies "The 'smokeback after 1 hour' problem often comes with stagnation in the barrel. This can be due to air leaks into the barrel (usually shows up fairly soon) or…

Rocket Stove Questions

(1) You hear the words secondary combustion and re-burn used quite a bit in rocket stove talk but it just occurred to me that perhaps that's not a very accurate description of what's going on. Most burning happens in the burn tube and lower…
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Uses for Wood Ash

What to do with all these ashes? Found this on Permies "Add them to urine or chicken manure. Ashes are high in potassium, moderate in phosphorus; urine is high in nitrogen and moderate in phosphorus. Together, ashes and manure make a perfectly…

Water Heat Storage – Thermosiphons – Heat Exchangers

Using Rocket Stove with Water as Primary Thermal Battery:

Building the Ultimate Home / Greenhouse

This is worth thinking about. Paul Wheaton is got his hands deep in the Permaculture cookie jar. This is a home design he is working on that would involve no heating or cooling, yet would maintain a constant comfortable temperature: