I’m an artist, designer, musician, builder, problem solver, perfectionist & slob (it’s complicated), family man, nature lover, research fanatic, shopaholic (I blame Amazon), and a thinker.   I believe in clichés, puns, and pedantics. Sharing is caring. We need each other. Lets figure this out!

I hope that this site will be a constant work in progress.  Many of the pages and posts on this site will start or have started as a collection of bookmarks, links, and snippets that I collected from other sites while researching an idea or project. I am a designer (RileyDesigns.com) and the web isn’t as tricky as it used to be.

It occurred to me that instead of creating text documents everywhere on my computer, mobile device, sketchpad, journal, and sticky notes…. I could create these info docs just as quickly as a blog post that I could share with everyone and access from anywhere, anytime. Most of my notes relate to online research or project ideas anyway.

This site is new!  I’m hoping to get in a rhythm posting here.  Enjoy, and please share freely. Nobody’s ideas are better than anyone else’s. Some just make more sense to some of us every once in a while.

Some Recent Posts From the Blog: